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Golden Nuggets: Just a day away

Are we a day away from a football game? I think we are, wooooooooh ... I'm very tired. So tired, in fact, that my ability to type coherently is laughably inconsistent, so if some of these sentences don't make sense, well, I think you'll live with it. I feel more and more that the 49ers will do well in this game, and pick up the win. It's been a long time since the team got a win that at least appeared to mean something. Well, this one means something. We lost in week one, and it was OK, because it was week one. We lost in week two, and it was OK, because it was the defending Super Bowl champion Saints, we shouldn't have won. Now it's week three against a Chiefs team that is definitely vastly improved, but this is definitely something that's a "must-win," game and definitely one that the 49ers SHOULD, by all means, take. On to the links.

WR Kyle Williams appears to be ready for his regular season NFL debut. I'm a little nervous, to be honest. I am not confident in this return game, to say the least. (

Here's a look at some matchups that matter for tomorrow's game against the Chiefs. I think Franklin is going to dominate that particular matchup. (

LB Takeo Spikes, as it stands, is a game-time decision. I hope he can play, regardless of my rather high confidence levels for fellow LB NaVorro Bowman. (

From the official website, here's the points of the game tomorrow. Always a good breakdown. (

Don't know why this is still being talked about, but Lynch has some thoughts regarding the Ronnie Lott situation, if you can even call it that. (

Coach Singletary believes that this 0-2 49ers team is better than the 2-0 team from last year. I like to hope so, but I kind of feel like it's a delusion at this point, until we get a win up there. (

The 49ers might just suit up all eight of their draftees tomorrow. That's pretty cool, I guess. (

Ray McDonald shares his thoughts on the Kansas City Chiefs and the game against them, of course. (

Nate Byham overcame odds to make it to the NFL. I've yet to read this, so I don't have much commentary on the matter. (

Here's Sando's final word on the NFC West for week three. (

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