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Golden Nuggets: Gameday

I just got done watching UFC 119, and after those fights (aside from the totally anti-climactic main event) I'm pretty pumped. I can't wait for the game today, and more than that, I can't wait for a 49ers win today. While it's unlikely that Patrick Willis secures a double leg takedown into side control followed by some brutal elbows from the top, the "pumped," feeling is still relate-able.

I'm getting these done early, so I can wake up early and  have adequate time to prepare for optimal viewing pleasure. I'm thinking atomic wings from wing stop cut up on top of a cheese pizza sounds good for today, what do you think? Oh, what do I care, I'm eating that regardless. Moving on ... You can most likely expect the new Niners Nation Podcast up by either Tuesday or Wednesday morning, and I'll try and get it on iTunes for those of you who requested it. Lot's hope it's a relatively good-natured and cheery podcast and not just myself drunkenly swearing at Smileyman and yelling at a Tre9er who most definitely has hung up at that point.

Let's go to your links. Incidentally, not a ton of them today. Go Niners.

It's all about matchups, as we all know. Here's yet another look at a couple matchups for today's game. I'll take Vernon Davis in that matchup all day, every day. (

Trent Baalke is already gearing up for the 2011 draft, which I like to hear. Personally, I don't want a new guy next year, unless there's some mind-blowingly cant-miss general manager out there that the 49ers like. Baalke did a fine job. (

Swagger is probably one of my favorite words. The offensive line and their swagger are very important to the overall success of the team. (

The person to defend Alex Smith the most? Could be LB Patrick Willis. (

Another preview of sorts for tonight's game. (

And another. Get 'em while they're hot. (

I'm a preview machine. Can't stop, won't stop posting previews. Lam has one of his own, can't get enough of these things. (

Here's Sando's latest mailbag post, in which one 49ers-related question is asked/answered. (

Sam Lam of Examiner had a Q&A with Examiner's Chiefs writer, so I thought it'd be a good thing to link to. (

Be sure to read the Nuggets from yesterday and the day before if you need to play some catchup or read up on some of the previews.

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