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Chiefs 7 - 49ers 3: Open Thread #2

49ers_logo_medium @ Th_chiefs_icon_medium

This game hasn't exactly gotten off to an ideal start. The 49ers find themselves down and one has to wonder if the early start is affecting this team. The team has struggled in non-St. Louis 10am pacific starts and one has to wonder how much there is to that. Whatever the case, it's been a pretty ugly game thus far. Some penalties have negated big plays for both teams. We've seen just how fast Dexter McCluster really is (like Travis LaBoy had any chance at stopping him). The 49ers defense has looked good at times and struggled at times. Yet again, consistency is an issue.

On the other hand the offense seemed to have something going but got bogged down in Chiefs territory and had to settle for a long Nedney field goal. The 49ers are looking at a dogfight today.