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Chiefs 31 - 49ers 10: Break Out The Pitchforks and Torches!


That was an absolute embarrassment. Pathetic. Use whatever word you want. The 49ers crapped the bed today in every possible way. When your only positive is a 51 yard field goal from your kicker, you know it's been a bad day. I honestly am not sure where to go from here. I was convinced the 49ers would show up at Arrowhead and truly right the ship. The team had put together some solid progress against the Saints, but the negatives that showed up against Kansas City Seattle and New Orleans showed up today and we didn't get any of the positives.

We'll have plenty to break down, but at this point things are looking bleak. The team has a lot of talent but it just can't get its act together. We've got a mix of groups with some folks blaming Alex Smith, some blaming Jimmy Raye, some blaming Mike Singletary, and a minority blaming everybody. I think I have to join the minority at this point (which likely is going to become the majority after today's "showing"). Everything that can go wrong is going wrong. The team lacks passion. The team lacks discipline. The team can't execute.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if somebody was on the chopping block after this week, with Jimmy Raye being the leading candidate. I'm not one to normally jump on the "Fire ____!" bandwagon, but what else would you do at this point? Even if just to shake things up. Some might see that as reactionary, but at 0-3, isn't it just a reaction to the crap we're seeing? Even when the team has shown positives like it did last week it was overwhelmed by some ugly negatives.

I will say that while I don't like his general tone, cciowa did in fact call a butt-whuppin and I will certainly acknowledge that after fighting it all week. While I think there are certain ways to express yourself, at the end of the day he was right and I was wrong. I don't like it but I'll have to live with it.

And things certainly don't get any easier for the 49ers. They get to travel to Atlanta next weekend in a rematch of last season's beatdown at Candlestick. I'd like to think things can only get better from here, but rock bottom may in fact be a plateau for the next couple weeks.

FOOCH'S NOTE: Site decorum is ON in this thread so if you feel the need to swear, head to our last game thread.