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Chiefs 31 - 49ers 10: Mike Singletary's Stubborn Streak

The 49ers thoroughly embarrassed themselves in almost every aspect of the game. The team dropped to 0-3 with the Atlanta Falcons next up on the schedule coming off a huge road win over the New Orleans Saints (I'm so deflated I can't even picture a trap game at this point).

We've had a million and one complaints, but many of them seem to settle in around the idea that Mike Singletary might just be too stubborn for his own good. Much of it relates to the team's ongoing offensive performance (I mean offense, but you can take that however you want). Whether it's continuing to support an offensive coordinator who seems to fall back on little creativity, or calling a timeout with 3 seconds left when you're down 28 points.

Matt Barrows posted his recap of the game and included some eye-opening quotations from Mike Singletary. Most notably, when asked if Jimmy Raye would be the offensive coordinator for the rest of the year he said Yes. Of course, he did change his mind about barking at officials as he himself admitted so I suppose he could change his mind. My only optimistic guess is that he'd rather look at the game film before saying Raye might be on the hook soon. Rather than leave him swinging in the wind he's gonna wait. Whatever the case, it's kind of numbing to me at this point.

We're seeing all sorts of quotations on twitter and once the transcript is available (or the video of the post-game press conference) I'll have it posted.