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Golden Nuggets: Do I really have to write about this team right now?

So, where do the 49ers go from here? Where to go after that rather humiliating loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, in which every facet of the 49ers core game was outmatched and dominated. We had poor play from the offensive line, the receivers, the tight ends, the running backs, the quarterback, the linebackers, defensive line, corners, safeties ... am I missing anybody? Oh yeah, the head coach, the offensive coordinator, the defensive coordinator. We're an 0-3 football team, and something needs to change, I'm not sure what it is that needs to change yet, I can only speculate on what is feasible. That's for another post, though, until then, you can have your daily links and the like and be on with that. Enjoy, folks.

Go Niners.

The question has been asked, and will continue to be asked: are the 49ers just not that good? Probably. (

The late play-calling is being questioned, really? Of course it is. Singletary talking about "balance," is one of the most ludicrous things I've heard. (

Anthony Davis needs to stop worrying about protecting his own junk, and start worrying about keeping Alex Smith on his feet. (

Singletary says he has some hard decisions to make, but apparently an offensive coordinator switch will not be one of them. Darn. (

Here's a 49ers report card, which, at this point, seems a little ... unnecessary. (

A good breakdown of what went down. A recap, if you will, from the official website. (

There's really not much else right now. There's more recaps, if you want to hit up Yahoo, Examiner and the like, but it all says the same stuff. We'll have plenty for you today on NN, though Stick around.