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What "Changes" Could 49ers Coach Mike Singletary Be Considering?

During yesterday's post game press conference, 49ers head coach Mike Singletary indicated that same changes could occur in light of yesterday's thorough embarrassment at the hands of the now 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs. However, he emphasized that he was not going to fire offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye. Now I do believe Singletary could change his mind at some point and dump Raye. I don't know if it will happen this week, but Singletary has shown he's willing to change his mind on certain things so I'm not holding Singletary to his statement that Raye was his OC the rest of the year.

However, he did indicate there could be some changes and naturally there is plenty of speculation about possible changes. One bit of speculation had Mike Johnson getting greater power in designing the gameplan. Another thought was Adam Snyder replacing Chilo Rachal OR Anthony Davis in the starting line up. Barrows threw out the possibility of benching Crabtree and plugging Zeigler into the starting lineup.

Coach Singletary will have his morning after press conference later today at approximately 11:45 and I'd imagine we could get some clues then. I'd suspect the best answer we'll get today is going to be fairly vague as to specific changes in mind. When the team switched to a wrist band system we didn't find out for a couple of days. I'd imagine we'll be waiting a little bit to hear about this one.

As we wait for the press conference, realistically are there any other major changes out there? I know some want to see Alex Smith sent to the bench, but I actually don't see that as a realistic option at this point. I think the further involvement of Mike Johnson wouldn't surprise me at this point, but might also be one we don't hear much about. It's entirely possible Raye remains OC but really has much of his duties stripped away fairly quietly.

Given all the problems on the offensive side of the ball, I really don't have one single solution. It could end up being a compilation of ideas.