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49ers QB Alex Smith Hostage Video?

After the jump I've posted video from CSN Bay Area that shows Alex Smith immediately after the game discussing the 49ers loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Throughout yesterday's game there were several times where Smith really seemed to be showing frustration. It ranged from raging about play-calling to just shaking his head and looking fairly pissed off at what was going on around him.

Smith certainly struggled in his own right and he acknowledged his own struggles and really the entire team's struggles on the day. While it would have been nice to see more down-field playcalls, it would also be nice to see Smith not overthrow swing passes or fire a 100mph laser at a WR five yards away.

But in looking at the video, my first thought was that this looks like one of those hostage videos that are sometimes released to the media:

"They are treating me very well here. Yes, I think Jimmy Raye is making excellent decisions in calling the plays."

And as he's saying this you can read his eyes and know the truth of the matter. Amigo made another good comparison:

Anyone watch Alex's press conference?

I just got severely bummed out by that. It's like his dog just died or something. Usually, even after losses, he manages to convey a glimmer of optimism and that things are in control on the team. But it seems like this was the game that really shellshocked the entire team. Nobody knows what else they can do to fix the team and start winning games.

Shell shocked is a perfect word for this team and also for how I feel as a fan. Although I may not know what I'm talking about half the time, generally after a 49ers loss I can point to specific things that I feel could have made the difference. A few changes and things will be fine. However, after yesterday's loss I'm almost numb from how bad this team performed. I suppose if somebody asked me questions after that the video would look much like Smith's after the jump.

Alex Smith Post-Game

If the video does not load, you can go to this link and click on the video on the right.