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Jimmy Raye out as 49ers offensive coordinator

The NFL Network is reporting that Jimmy Raye is out as the 49ers offensive coordinator. Quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson is going to handle the OC duties in the mean time. It's unclear right now as to whether or not he'll have the "interim," tag on his name. Johnson will handle the day-to-day gameplanning and preparation for the week's games.

How do you feel about this? I suppose the move can't hurt, considering we're a 0-3 football team right now. Something needs to change, so maybe this is the spark the 49ers need. My question is: who pulled the trigger? My guess is that Singletary delivered the bullet to its target, but one has to wonder if he was given some sort of ultimatum by the higher-ups?

Maiocco just posted a report on the matter, stating that Singletary came upon the decision after watching some game film, I'm not sure how much I believe that, but take it for what it is. Let's see what this does for us, folks.

Update: It's official now, as per the 49ers Twitter, Jimmy Raye is out, Mike Johnson is the offensive coordinator, sans interim tag, and assistant Jason Michael is now the quarterbacks coach. Michael works with the OC in developing the gameplan, and now will work closer to Alex Smith. He previously spent time with the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets.