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Mike Singletary Morning After Press Conference: Jimmy Raye Edition

Well, today's Mike Singletary press conference just got a lot more interesting. Coach Singletary will hold is normal day after press conference at 11:45am (embedded video after the jump, also on Comcast Sports Net channel 40 in SF), and given the news that Jimmy Raye has officially been released from the 49ers coaching staff and QB Coach Mike Johnson has been promoted to offensive coordinator, I'd imagine we'll get plenty of questions about the changes on the coaching staff.

After yesterday I expected this move to happen at some point this season, but I'm still a bit surprised it happened so quickly. Nonetheless I have no problem with the move in spite of what Coach Singletary said yesterday about keeping Raye as OC for the season. Coach Singletary has shown he has no problem changing his mind in the past and I can live with that in this case. And in fact I'm quite pleased by it. It remains to be seen whether this will fix the problems but we might get a decent idea how much of the issue Jimmy Raye's play-calling really was for the team.

For those who miss the press conference, we'll have the transcript to post sometime later this afternoon.

Update: Jason La Canfora and Adam Schefter are both reporting the 49ers will be benching Takeo Spikes and Michael Lewis this weekend against the Falcons. I'd imagine Coach Singletary will discuss that today and also what that means as far as how much time they see coming off the bench (if any).

Coach Singletary Press Conference