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49ers Offensive Decisions: Chilo Rachal or Adam Snyder

The 49ers had so many problems yesterday that I think the best way to handle discussion as far as front page posts is concerned is to take things one at a time. I'm sure the conversation will veer every which way in this thread, but we'll start with a single topic and take it from there.

The 49ers are in a whole lot of turmoil and the firing of Jimmy Raye as offensive coordinator likely means more changes are in the offing as we move forward this week. It amazes me that pretty much every single week since the start of training camp, there has been some kind of crazy story. We've had the communication issues, the firing of Raye, the Vernon Davis-Michael Crabtree spat, and the list goes on and on.

The most basic change a lot of folks have clamored for is putting Adam Snyder back in at right guard over Chilo Rachal. Rachal was inactive against the Saints because of a shoulder stinger and Snyder started in his place. The offensive line put together its best performance of the year that night. Rachal was put back in the starting lineup yesterday and basically stunk up the joint.

Rachal has had a lot of struggles in his time with the 49ers and folks are getting frustrated. Adam Snyder has had a very up and down tenure with the 49ers. He can provide excellent depth at guard and tackle but he showed how solid he can be at guard last week against the Saints. Was that a one-time thing or can he consistently bring it at right guard if he goes back into the starting lineup?