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49ers WR Josh Morgan Knee Injury Not Believed To Be Serious

Matt Barrows is reporting that 49ers WR Josh Morgan's knee injury is not believed to be serious. Morgan suffered the injury on the last offensive play of the game when he caught a garbage time touchdown against the Chiefs. Had the knee injury been more severe, it's safe to say even more people would be calling for Mike Singletary's head at this point. Thankfully though it does not seem to be serious. Let's hope Coach Singletary learned his lesson from that decision.

Even without that last catch, Josh Morgan has more receptions and yards than he has had three weeks into any season of his career. 10 catches and 114 yards isn't saying a whole lot but at this point those are the best wide receiver totals on the team. The top two 49ers receivers at this point are Frank Gore and Vernon Davis. Gore actually had his first career 100 receiving yard performance on Sunday, so congrats to him on that (sort of).

Now that the team is changing things up it will be interesting to see how Morgan is utilized. He's the one wide receiver who's been making any sort of consistent plays (again, sort of) so we'll see if Mike Johnson elects to keep him as a steady option.