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Golden Nuggets: What to expect?

Well, how about that? Singletary pulled a fast one on us, and coincidentally, a fast one on ex-offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye. Comparitively, it probably wasn't all that hard to pull a fast one on Raye, defenses have been doing it to him for decades. Not a hard thing to do. Either way, the change has been made, and now the 49ers are looking forward to the Atlanta Falcons with a new coordinator. Not new to the team, though, it's Mike Johnson, promoted from the quarterbacks coach position. I'm not entirely sure what sort of differences we'll see on game day. Jimmy Raye was a proven commodity. He wasn't proven to be good, but he was at the very least, proven. We knew what to expect. With Johnson, I don't know what to expect. Most we can do at this point is hope. Go Niners.

As stated, the 49ers fired offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye, and elevated quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson. (

Singletary explains why he made the decision to fire Raye. The term "explain," is used very loosely at this point. (

Is Mike Singletary on the hot seat as of right now? I'm not subscribing to that line of thought. I've spoke to a lot of people who feel that such a thought is premature. I don't know how I feel about it personally, but objectively, I feel it's far too early to make such accusations, along with, again, people I've talked to around the league. (

I'm kind of surprised by the optimism surrounding the move. I suppose it's just relief more than anything. (

Was it the right move to make? I think it's a bit early to ask such a question, so I won't offer any of my rather valuable insight. Yeah, I said it. (

QB Alex Smith says that Jimmy Raye shouldn't get all of the blame. I like that there's accountability, and I like that Smith apparently knows what all is going on. (

The decision to fire Raye was Singletary's decision and his alone. I was hearing the same thing yesterday. Was he pushed? I doubt it. (

It's no surprise that Jimmy Raye didn't improve the 49ers offense. Hindsight is 20/20. (

The biggest challenge that Mike Johnson will face is the challenge of getting the playmakers involved better than Raye did, which doesn't sound too hard. (

I suppose the firing exudes desperation on the 49ers part, but it can't be avoided. I don't like the whole "they're just reacting," aspect of it. Three weeks of mostly awful playcalling from Raye. He should be gone. (

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