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Takeo Spikes Expects To Remain Starter

Matt Maiocco is reporting that Takeo Spikes told Chronicle Live that he was apparently assured he'd remain the starter at the Ted position:

"I talked to our head coach, coach Singletary, and he immediately shot that down with me by saying, 'I expect you to be our starter this weekend.'

"So that's all I needed to hear. But the disappointing thing is, I was always taught, where there's smoke, there's fire, usually."

He certainly makes a good point about where there's smoke there's fire. Given Coach Singletary's willingness to change his mind within a day in regards to Jimmy Raye, how do we see this situation playing out? Also, no word on Michael Lewis' starting situation at this point. I'd imagine we won't hear for sure until 49ers defensive coordinator Greg Manusky speaks with the press later this week.