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Golden Nuggets: A sliver of optimism

I actually had some optimism yesterday, while talking via Twitter about the Niners, which I did quite a bit, much to the chagrin of my followers who aren't interested in sports. Maybe it came from Tre9er, I'm not sure. But, this team kept it close and effectively dominated the Saints defense. Who's to say we can't get out of this hole? Who's to say the team has to continue their losing ways? Before this season began, I knew that the 49ers could hang with any team on talent, and could beat any team with proper coaching. We didn't have proper coaching, from any of these guys. Well, the Niners made a change, and the best thing we can do now is hope that the change will translate into some on the field success. Let's get to your links, folks.

In a total lack of accountability, Jimmy Raye basically blames everything on Mike Singletary, in so many words. While I think Singletary is far from a perfect coach, I'm thinking things were much more on on Raye. Or hoping. (

Mike Singletary is no longer the "Flavor of the Month." That isn't to say he should be gone, only that the spotlight is no longer on him in such a way as a "savior." I don't think he's on the hot seat, and I think it would be wildly jumping the gun to consider him as such. (

Be sure to follow along with the game stream throughout the week for the game against the Falcons. (

I enjoyed this piece from Branch regarding some statements from Mike Singletary regarding the team's future and what these statements probably mean. (

Alex Smith will be more mobile. Which means you can see him run more, and you can see him be a part of a more moving pocket. Let's hope it pays off. (

Here's a good post regarding our new offensive coordinator, Mike Johnson. (

Smith putting his passes way too high has been a problem. To me, it's his most glaring problem. I think he can be accurate, and I think he has decent awareness with a good arm, but when a pass sails too high, it just is the most frustrating thing. (

Takeo Spikes has apparently been assured that he'll remain the starter going into Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons. I still have to wonder if there's something to this, if anything, we'll see a lot more NaVorro Bowman, which does worry me a little bit with the matchups we're working with. (

Here's a first look at the Atlanta Falcons and the game against them. (

The 49ers didn't put in a waiver claim for QB Trent Edwards. Hang on a minute while I dance. ... ... ... That was fun. (

Pete Prisco had a post concerning his picks and things of that nature, and within, had a note about Singletary and a "former player," who told him something or other about the team under Singletary being the most unorganized team he'd ever been under. Pardon my cynicism, but ... no, it's best I leave it as it is. (