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San Francisco 49ers Depth Chart, David Baas And The Guards

The 49ers provide their official depth chart at and they update it whenever there are any injuries or roster transactions. Given all of our daily discussions about the team there is nothing all that shocking about it, but I did think one area was worth mentioning.

Eric Heitmann is expected to be healthy in the very near future and there has been a lot of discussion as to where the team would place him. The general thought is that he could slot back into his starting center position. Some folks have argued for keeping David Baas in that spot, while many are arguing for moving Baas into the right guard position ahead of Chilo Rachal and Adam Snyder.

We've had plenty of discussions about the right guard position and the depth chart raises some questions about suggestions out there. Currently, the depth chart lists Chilo Rachal and Adam Snyder at right guard. It then lists Mike Iupati as the starting left guard and David Baas as his backup. I realize the team could always change the depth chart but I still find it interesting that Baas is listed as the backup left guard and not mentioned at all in regards to the right guard position.

Is this something to note or does it not really matter at this point?