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49ers Practice Update: Heitmann, James Are Talkin Bout Practice

The two Matts (Barrows and Maiocco) are both tweeting that Eric Heitmann is back in pads and practicing for the first time since breaking his fibula. Additionally, Will James is on the practice field for the first time in a while. I should correct that. They've both been on the practice field in the past, but this is their first big step towards getting back on the field since their respective injuries.

In addition, Josh Morgan seems to be a full go in practice, while Takeo Spikes and Ted Ginn Jr. are running on a separate field away from the rest of practice.

We're fast approaching decision time a the center and right guard positions. Nobody is mentioning who is running with the first team at right guard, which I would assume means Rachal remains in place. Of course, there's no mention of Heitmann practicing at first team center so I'm not really sure what any of this means. Whatever the case, I've included a poll to see what people think about the evolving situation at center and right guard.