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Golden Nuggets: You know what? I don't care if it's preseason

No, I really don't care if it's preseason. Winning rocks, honestly. Just got back in from the game and I'm absolutely exhausted. Straining your voice when you're just recovering from sickness (and have podcast duties to attend to, of course) isn't the smartest thing to do, but did anyone ever really get anywhere being smart? No, they most certainly did not. You have no arguments on that statement, and if you do, well... shutup. I think that's the fifth time I've told you guys to shutup in the last few days. Though I guess I'm not saying it to anybody at the time of typing this, unless one of Tre9er's split personalities are mucking about, which is certainly a possibility.. Oh yeah, we have roster cuts coming up soon and I'm sure plenty on the game we all just saw. So I'll stop talking now and get to that.

Michael Crabtree didn't play yesterday. I don't like that, really. What I don't like even more than that is the fact that he didn't even dress. (

Vernon Davis is adamant that he wasn't out of line when he called out Michael Crabtree. (

Maiocco takes a look at the Davises. It's funny that we can have a whole post for them. (

Singletary said that Nate Davis' spot on the roster is a question mark. (

The first team defense was on the field yesterday, which is great. I'm glad we saw them play and exceptionally happy with Aubrayo Franklin's return. (

Kawakami had an interview with Scot McCloughan, which I was immediately disinterested in. I just don't really care what that man has to say at this point, unless he's going to write a tell-all book about why exactly he parted ways with the 49ers. (

Steve Young had some words for Alex Smith on the radio yesterday. (

Here's the game blog from the official website, if you couldn't watch. (

And also from the official website, some quick postgame thoughts. (

Barrows had a post about the players currently on the roster who are practice squad eligible. (

Some more notes on the game and what not. (

Sam Lam also has some notes on the game. (

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