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49ers 2010 NFL Roster Cuts: Michael Robinson, Jason Hill are first among the cuts


RB Michael Robinson
FB Brit Miller
FB Jehuu Caulcrick
WR Jason Hill
WR Kevin Jurovich
CB Karl Paymah
TE Tony Curtis
TE J.J. Finley
DL Khalif Mitchell
C Cody Wallace
LB Bruce Davis

Update: FB Jehuu Caulcrick, TE Tony Curtis, TE J.J. Finley, DL Khalif Mitchell and C Cody Wallace have been released.

Because Mike Singletary doesn't wait around for any reason. First of all, the reported cuts as of now are RB Michael Robinson, FB Brit Miller, WR Jason Hill, CB Karl Paymah and LB Bruce Davis. I think all of these guys will catch on with another team, and to me this says, "You're the first to go so you have the most time to catch on with another team," because as I understand it, Singletary is fond of all those players, even Jason Hill in a kind of love/hate way.

We had a nice day planned for tomorrow with open threads and things of that nature, and I was even going to get together with Smileyman and record a podcast tonight with projections but it looks like that is ruined. Thank you to Tre9er for sending a text my way and making me aware of this while I'm working. Took a break to get this posted, and we'll have more on this as it goes, consider this an open thread to discuss things.

It's pretty crazy that Michael Robinson is gone, along with Brit Miller. By my count, that's our two present best special teamers on kickoff coverage. With Jason Hill and Karl Paymah away, that takes away some good gunners on punt returns. Color me more than a little skeptical. In little over a year we've lost our entire special teams core, which included Pro Bowl special team talent like Jeff Ulbrich, Michael Robinson and Marcus Hudson, not with Scott McKillop gone and his replacement, Brit Miller gone ... I'm, like I said, skeptical.

No surprise on any of the other cuts. Cody Wallace has shown serious lapses in physical and mental strength. Khalif Mitchell is just too raw at the moment, Nate Byham out-performed the other two tight ends. Jehuu Caulcrick did look good in the preseason and thought he might have a shot, but I suppose not.