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Fantasy Football Tendencies: How much time do you spend? is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League. To check out the site and try your 14-day free trial, visit this link to receive the 50% discount!

SprintConsidering I'm in the Niners Nation fantasy league, I figured I'd do some homework on you guys to get a competitive edge fulfill a sponsorship quota generate page views get this post up because I find it interesting. Really though, I do find it interesting considering I don't put very much time at all into fantasy sports. As fanatical as I am when it comes to everything football (and indeed sports in general,) I just don't spend an awful lot of time researching players and things of that nature.

I'll sit and obsess over Twitter when a meaningless mini-camp is going down, but I won't look up running back stats. I don't know what constitutes good value in the umpteenth round, and I don't care to. I draft on instinct, and in my first three leagues I ever paid attention to, I won them all. So I guess I might just be a good player based solely on instinct. Which is totally fine with me.

But what kind of fantasy football player are you? Are you like me, laid back when it comes to research? Or are you a fanatic, who must build cheat sheets, follow every reputable fantasy football writer out there and things of that nature? Are you aggressive with trades, constantly messaging and calling, hounding league-mates at work and the like? Are you somewhere in between all of this, not really fanatical, but still with the competitive desire to build a small cheat sheet, propose a few trades and things like that?

Are you someone who talks a lot of trash? Does it play into any kind of gameplan? A friend of mine had this list on Bleacher Report about a year ago and I think it's a really great look at how to be the "heel," of your league. What do you think? I want to hear about your tendencies. I may be following that link pretty closely this year.