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Golden Nuggets: Can't decide.

Good morning everyone. Not a whole lot in tangible news, but plenty of links to sort through with plenty of insight on the team and where they're headed. I like to read that the team is confident going forward, that's so important it's not even right. If we are to beat the Falcons next week, we'd have to be 100% confident in our abilities to do so. The Falcons are no joke, and, while I think they'll hit a wall and not finish with a great record, I'm not so sure that wall is in week four. Or maybe I am ... I'm not entirely sure. I'm going back and forth on this team and what they are capable of doing talent-wise and coaching-wise. I haven't read all of the articles that I'll be posting for you, perhaps they can help me decide. Oh, and, if you missed this, why don't you take a look at how we moderate messages here at SB Nation, put together by your's truly. Enjoy the Nuggets.

Interesting take on the Mike Johnson situation. He essentially is in a situation he can't lose. If the team doesn't play well, it's the team, not him. If they do, he's a genius. Pretty sweet gig, if you ask me. (

Johnson had one night to compile a list of things he'd change on offense, and it got him the job. Perhaps I should call Singletary, I've a list of my own ... (

Record aside, this team is confident going into Sunday's game against the Falcons. I certainly hope so, confidence is a great thing. (

Frank Gore might be getting some kind of break. That's a good thing, a break for Gore means we're utilizing other playmakers on the offense. I assure you, we do have a few playmakers, I just forget which number they wear or what they names are, as I never see them making plays or even targeted as such. (

It's the same playbook, and the same philosophy, but better utilization of the players and better utilization of the actual plays could be the spark this offense needs. (

In other words, the offense SHOULD feature some more variation. I think. I hope. (

Here's the audio from some conference calls with Mike Smith and Brian Finneran. (

Singletary still believes the 49ers could end up on top of the NFC West. I wish I had his optimism. (

There should be no lineup changes for the 49ers going into Sunday's game. I like that. (

What do you prepare for if you're the Falcons defense? I have no idea, personally. (