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Golden Nuggets: Well, here we go

So the 49ers didn't waste any time with their roster cuts. It appears Mike Singletary isn't an individual to sit, mucking about with deadlines and chance them making that whizzing sound when they fly overhead. He was brutally to the point it seems, and the 22 cuts were made rather promptly. There's a couple surprises, but some of us did an infinitely better job predicting the 53-man roster than last year. Just about everyone missed last year, we had some that weren't even close. Still, I think today will be good to watch around the league and see what cuts are made. We'll have an open thread to that affect.  Anyway, I procrastinated too long on these so I'm going to get to them so I'm not late. Enjoy.

Singletary reached his decision on the 53-man roster. And it was his decision, believe me. (

The biggest note is the cutting of RB Michael Robinson. I still can't rationalize this in my head, not when someone like Curtis Taylor is on the roster. (

Robinson was surprised by his release. I sense a little bit of bad blood even if he says there is none. He'll look forward to playing the 49ers, and him noting that he never practiced running back that much... I just wonder. (

Barrows has his roster analysis for the final 53. (

Sando has some analysis of the cutdowns as well. (

Shawntae's Diary. (

Here's audio from a conference call with Mike Singletary. (

Nate Davis made the roster and is now the third string quarterback. I guess I'm alright with that. (

Alex Boone is happy to be on the final roster. I'm glad for him. (

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