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49ers Roster: Who's on your practice squad?

Well, some of us are pleased and some of us are upset. Some of us don't care, in which case, why are you reading? Some people saw some of the players they loved cut. Some people saw their favorite player make the roster. There's no way to please everyone all the time, nor should the team even be worrying about pleasing us.

So the next question is practice squad. Obviously players are moved around a lot directly after cuts, but the next thing to consider beyond a trade or waiver wire signing is the practice squad and what players will be making it. I'll list the players who were cut yesterday who are also eligible to make the practice squad.

QB Jarrett Brown
FB Brit Miller
FB Jehuu Caulcrick
TE J.J. Finley
WR Kevin Jurovich
WR Bobby Guillory
OT Matt Kopa
C Cody Wallace
OG Brian de la Puente
DE Will Tukuafu
DT Derek Walker
DT Khalif Mitchell
LB Keaton Kristick
LB Mike Balogun
LB Bruce Davis
S Chris Maragos

I think we can assume at least one spot will be someone not on this list, maybe more. If they make waivers, one of Miller and Caulcrick is sure to make it. Jarrett Brown is a good bet, in my mind. One of the three defensive linemen and one or more of the three linebackers should make it as well. Who's on your practice squad?