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Golden Nuggets: And then there were 53

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here with your Nuggets for the day. Yesterday, a good portion of the league made their roster cuts to trim down to the league-maximum 53 players. The 49ers, though, made their cuts the day before because Mike Singletary evidently doesn't like to wait around for deadlines and the like. Not a whole lot went down for the 49ers yesterday. Maiocco was reporting some snippets about Brit Miller, Tukuafu and other players. Still scratching my head over some moves but a lot of my skepticism has faded to the background. Now I just can't wait for the Seahawks. I'm so excited for that game it's not even right, I won't be able to go, but if I could, Quest field is the away game I'd go to. Anyway, let's get to your links, folks..

The Sac Bee takes a look at the top games to watch each week this upcoming season. ( 

Will the 49ers season be smooth sailing? Was this a rocky camp and an odd preseason amongst a division that's become known for them? Should be good to go now, right? (

The moves the 49ers made on the roster were made for the future. That's nice, I was under the impression we wanted to be a playoff team now. (

Here's a season forecast from the Sacramento Bee. One I don't agree with at all. (

Why not, another season preview for you guys, this one from ESPN. (

You'd think they should spread out these posts, but whatever. More from the Bee on season previews and the like with a 49ers scouting report. (

A look at who will be inactive for the games this year. (

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