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49ers Roster: Who will be inactive on gamedays?

This has gotten some discussion by others, but I figured it was worth a front page post this morning. We have our 53-man roster mostly decided aside from perhaps one or two upcoming moves. What's more important than the 53-man roster though, is the 45 players who are active on gameday. We have a couple players who I believe won't be active all season, unless an injury takes place.

So without further ado, I'll get started by listing some players I believe will not be active on (most) gamedays.

QB Nate Davis - Davis shouldn't be active a single game this year. He's the emergency third string quarterback, which means if he ever plays, then the two quarterbacks in front of him cannot play. He does not count toward the 45 active players, so it's a safe bet, barring injuries, that we won't see him taking up an active spot at all this season.

OT Alex Boone - He's not a guy that's on the roster because of his immediate performance and contributions to the team. Boone is on the roster because the team really likes his potential and also because he likely would not survive on the waiver wire. Barry Sims is the guy who will be the swing tackle, and Boone will work hard to ensure that next year, the job is his.

CB Tramaine Brock - If he survives on the final fifty-three, I can guarantee he won't spend a single game active unless one of the other corners is hurt for a sizable amount of time. I can see him being active if Curtis Taylor plays and has a bad string of games.

OG Tony Wragge - He's on the roster right now due to his ability to play center at a passable level with starter Eric Heitmann our for a few weeks. He'll probably be active for those weeks, but upon Heitmann's return, he either will be inactive or released from the roster.

OT Adam Snyder - I'm inclined to think Snyder will spend the first few weeks inactive due to Wragge being more proven at center. However, when Heitmann is back, I believe Snyder gets the nod over Wragge if one of them has to be cut. Still, likely won't be active until at least game four.

LB Diyral Briggs - Briggs may be active while Brooks is out, but as it stands he is the fifth outside linebacker on the depth chart and will have to make way for Travis LaBoy. If the team feels they need special teams help, however, there will likely be some shuffling as Briggs seems to have the most potential for that as far as our linebackers go.

S Curtis Taylor - I'm not sure what his role is on this team. Surely he'll be a special teamer, and might see the defense at times, but my line of thought is that Briggs is better on special teams, so when it comes down to it, Taylor may see more time on the inactive list.

WR Kyle Williams, CB Will James, C Eric Heitmann and LB Ahmad Brooks - They'll all spend time inactive to begin the season as they recover from injuries, but every one of these guys should return to the active roster as soon as they are healthy. Williams should be the first back, followed by James, Brooks and then Heitmann.

So I'm feeling our week one gameday inactive players will be Williams, James, Heitmann, Brooks, Davis, Snyder, Boone, Brock. If Brock is released, I would be inclined to change that to Diyral Briggs or Curtis Taylor.