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49ers Sign Eight To Practice Squad

Apologies for being a little late to this, and thanks to those of you who put up fanposts and fanshots on the matter, but we need some front page love for this. The team made their roster cuts early and have certainly wasted no time signing players to their practice squad as soon as they possibly could. Right now, the eight man squad looks as such:

QB Jarret Brown
FB Jehuu Caulcrick
LB Bruce Davis
WR Kevin Jurovich
OT Matt Kopa
LB Keaton Kristick
S Chris Maragos
DT Will Tukuafu

I like this practice squad a lot. Jehuu Caulcrick played really well at fullback this preseason and I wouldn't mind him being the starter at some point. Bruce Davis came on really strong and gives us even more insurance at the outside linebacker spot. Jurovich is a local guy who will let Crabtree be lazy in practice. Alright, that last one was probably mean, but whatever. Chris Maragos is a guy who I really like as far as his potential goes. Same with Tukuafu, who got the nod over Khalif Mitchell, but I'm OK with it.

The 49ers shuffled their practice squad around a lot last year. I don't think this lineup is finality at this point, but then again, I wouldn't be surprised if it was.