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Golden Nuggets: DON'T PANIC!

While I've been critical of some of the moves regarding special teams, I still am feeling really good about the upcoming season and wanted everyone to know it's just a nagging worry. I figured I would be best suited to make the title of this iteration of the Nuggets "don't panic," written in large, friendly letters. Some scientists theorize that if more people were ever greeted with the words "don't panic," while in a situation that would usually call for it, there would be a lot less ... well, panicking. That being said, I think it's important that we call to question some of these things. We can't just blindly assume that everything Singletary does is great. Still, I feel great about this team going forward. Let's hope special teams is at least average this year, and we should be good. Enjoy your links.

The team signed eight to their practice squad. I'm generally alright with the way it looks. (

Maiocco has some thoughts on each of the players signed to the eight man squad. (

RB Michael Robinson was signed by, you guessed it: the Seattle Seahawks. Imagine that, right? (

Rival Blog Buzz

Revenge Of The Birds (Cardinals)
They took a quick look at their offensive line and whether or not it's set for success in the coming season. I'm going to say it's ... not. They also had their bird droppings for the day. Yeah.

Turf Show Times (Rams)
Not a whole lot going on there, just — as you could guess — filling out the practice squad.

Field Gulls (Seahawks)
It's hard to tell what went down with the Seahawks yesterday. Right about the time they made their sixtieth move yesterday, I lost track They had this fanshot tracking things, and then they had another one.

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