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49ers CB Tramaine Brock: Time to get to know our new cornerback

When the 49ers announced their 53-man roster for the upcoming season, one of the bigger surprises was probably the inclusion of rookie cornerback Tramaine Brock. Brock was an undrafted free agent signed this past April who seemed to fly a bit under the radar throughout the offseason and into training camp. And yet, clearly he took advantage of his opportunity.

As Maiocco reported in the above linked feature, Brock had a long route to get to the NFL, and in fact spent his time as a safety at Bellhaven. Brock ended up at Bellhaven after a cheating scandal at Minnesota. The big news for Bellhaven is that Brock is actually their first ever NFL player. Congrats to the Bellhaven Blazers.

Given that Brock was an undrafted free agent, it's not so easy finding scouting reports on him. One such report referred to Brock as a sleeper:

Care to guess what state Belhaven calls home? I admit I had to look it up myself - Mississippi. Brock intercepted six passes there at the NAIA level last season. But he built his draft stock at his previous stop, having started in the Big Ten for two seasons at Minnesota. He also turned in a seven-interception season in junior college in 2007.

One other link indicated he's a speedster who ran a 4.4 40 at the junior college combine (so a couple years ago) with a best time of 4.37.

At this point, with Will James on the shelf for a couple weeks, Brock would likely seem to be battling with Phillip Adams for playing time. Will we see Brock actually manage some playing time or will he primarily be one of the regular inactives?

Let's use this thread as a discussion of Brock's role with the 49ers, and also as a potential link dump for information and scouting reports on Brock.