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49ers reportedly set to release quarterback Nate Davis

Michael Lombardi is hearing that the 49ers are set to release third string, second year quarterback Nate Davis in the next hour. On Twitter, Matt Barrows says that he's confirmed the move as well. I'm not entirely sure what the reasoning is behind it, but we can look to a lot of things, the least of which isn't Mike Singletary's comments about Davis after the Raiders game.

I had speculated that Davis would be released, and I have to say, it's crazy some of the things that I've speculated on and predicted, how they've been happening. Not bragging or anything like that, but it's worth noting. As I noted in the article, I think it's possible that Davis clears waivers and the 49ers sign him to the practice squad.

There's a lot of questions now: Is the team done with Nate Davis? Do they like him for the future, still? Do they like Jarrett Brown as a quarterback more so than Davis? Would Brown still be on the practice squad as a conversion project if Davis is signed? Many, many questions. We'll have more on this as it develops.

All I can say is: BRACE FOR IMPACT!