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Golden Nuggets: Good news, bad news ... I love news

Good morning everyone. We had ourselves some news yesterday, how about that? I honestly wasn't expecting things to happen yesterday, I'm not sure why. But I did have one of my wild theories ring true again, despite the fact that most people thought it wasn't a possibility. Heck, I even got an email to the affect that my theory wasn't quite on par with reality. Yes, the intro to the Nuggets is one big, fat "I told you so!" You love me, each and everyone of you, and the feeling is mutual, so I'll gloat a little bit whenever I get a chance. Either way, it's a bittersweet gloating, as it wasn't necessarily something I wanted to happen, just something I knew could happen. Anyway, we've got some links for you and a full day of posting here at Niners Nation. Enjoy.

As noted, the 49ers released quarterback Nate Davis. Shortly after doing so, they signed free agent QB Troy Smith. I'm neutral about the way this went down. I like Troy Smith a lot, and was lobbying him, but I still was fond of Davis' potential; it's something hard to let go of. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Will the 49ers regret cutting Nate Davis? No, I don't think so. I disagree with some of the wording in this piece as well, but that's neither here nor there. (

There's no question as far as Troy Smith's commitment goes. This is good, and I've always liked the guy. (

Patrick Willis' best football has yet to come. Oh my God, the thought of a vastly improved Willis is better than ... well, it's better than afternoon delight, let's leave it at that. (

Ahmad Brooks is expecting a week two return, and will be the emergency inside linebacker if an injury occurs. We'll have more on that later today. (

Here's another post about the Smith signing, with a cool video involving Ted Ginn. (

Is the 49ers defense more aggressive/going to be more aggressive? You bet your [site decorum] it is/will be! (

How the 49ers lost Nate Davis and how Nate Davis lost the 49ers. (

The thing that scares me most about our week one matchup with the Seattle Seahawks: the fact that our rookie offensive linemen are in for a very loud welcome to the NFL. (

Michael Robinson was a hot commodity when he was cut. There was most definitely more teams than the three listed interested in his services. (

This is a cool article about Anthony Dixon and his brother, who is currently a baseball player in the A's farm system. (

Phil Barber is moving on from 49ers coverage at the Press Democrat. When he first took over for Maiocco, I was not pleased for the first few days. I didn't like the fact that his entries were mostly links and things of that nature (go figure), but he picked up pace and offered some good insight, kept in good contact with his readers on his blog and on Twitter, and I can only hope his replacement fills his shoes as well as he filled Maiocco's. Best of luck to Phil in his other coverage with the PD. (

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Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

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