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Golden Nuggets: No, seriously, can't wait

We're getting closer and closer to the week one showdown against the Seattle Seahawks. I'm a bit worried about our offensive linemen performing at Qwest Field, but at the same time, I'm more than confident in those guys. It should, by all means, be a great game for us. How much roster turnover have the 'Hawks had? I just don't know how to feel about them at this point. We had some news yesterday involving Nate Davis, which I think the majority of us here at Niners Nation were glad to hear about. Lastly, I wanted to let everyone who is interested know that the official Niners Nation Podcast is getting back up very soon as I'm mostly recovered from sickness. You can expect the next episode after the Seahawks game, and after that, at least once (but probably twice) a week. Enjoy the links.

If you haven't went over yet, Fooch has a post over at Field Gulls for discussion pertaining to the game on Sunday. John Morgan from over there has a post here as well. Keep it clean, folks. (Field Gulls/Niners Nation)

Nate Davis was signed to the eight-man practice squad after clearing waivers. Jarrett Brown was released to make room for him. (

One of the significant things yesterday was the announcing of the 49ers 2010 team captains. Alex Smith was named one of them, which speaks volumes for his progress this offseason. (

The 49ers rank high in retaining their draft picks. That's pretty cool. (

One of the keys for the 49ers last year were to finish. They weren't entirely ... successful in their endeavors. Hopefully they can do it this season. (

Trent Dilfer is picking the 49ers to go 11-5 and win a playoff game. Funny, I'm predicting the same thing. (

The Niners aren't worried about the Seahawks and their inside information of the 49ers. Neither am I, to be honest. There's not a whole lot they can gain, I think, more than likely, Michael Robinson gave them more information than anybody. (

Here's some predictions for the 49ers draft picks. I find something about this article highly entertaining. Can you guess what it is? (

The focus now shifts to the 49ers offensive line. It's something I'll be watching a lot this year, considering I'm no longer interested in the special teams unit. My favorite aspects of the game, as I've said before, are offensive line play and special teams. (

You can listen to the audio from a couple of conference calls with Pete Carrol and Matt Hasselbeck. (

49ers Impact Local Charity Efforts. (

Be sure you go and welcome Eric Branch to the 49ers beat. Phil Barber had to step down. (

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Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 a.m. 49ers-Seahawks: Offensive Line and the noise (Fooch)
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After all that, we'll have some things in the late afternoon and evening. I'll have something as well.