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AP All Pro Team: Patrick Willis Named To Third Team In Four Years

Hearty congratulations are in order for 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis as he has been named to the AP All Pro team for the third time in his four seasons as an NFL player. He is in at inside linebacker alongside Jerod Mayo. At the tight end position, Jason Witten won the vote quite handily with 36 votes, but Vernon Davis did manage a pair of votes.

Willis had a very strong season, although one could argue it was his "poorest" as a professional. Of course, this was not a poor season for him, but just not to the level we've seen in past years. At the same time he did manage to net a career high 6.0 sacks as he showed some continually developing skills as a pass rushing linebacker. The 49ers haven't used him a ton as a pass rushing linebacker, but when they do his athleticism makes him almost impossible to stop coming up the middle. Given the fact that Vic Fangio is a believer in the Dom Capers school of defense and blitzes, it will be interesting to see how he utilizes an amazing athlete like Patrick Willis in 2011.

Given this prestigious honor, I thought I'd post some of my favorite Patrick Willis facts from years past. For those who are relatively new, every so often we find an excuse to post some of these facts. I first came across a few on the Yard Barker website in January 2008. We posted some more in March of that year and again in 2009 in the link above. And yes some of them follow along the famous Chuck Norris facts, but we can always fit them to our own Bamm Bamm.

In those posts we opened the floor for new ones and people have not let us down. Some don't work as well as others, but it's still fun to roll them out. After the jump I've posted a few of my favorites. Feel free to come up with some of your own and post them in the comments.

  • In the Madden ratings, Patrick Willis is actually a 198, the third digit just doesn’t show up.
  • The NFL has renamed the "injury list" to "Hotel Willis"
  • Patrick Willis knows exactly where in the world Carmen San Diego is...because he dropped her ass for a 5 yard loss.
  • One time Patrick Willis played blindfolded.  He still made 14 tackles, finding the ball carrier by using the Force.
  • Correction, Patrick Willis is "the force."
  • Patrick Willis wears pads and a helmet because it is mandated by the league rules. Everyone else in the NFL wears pads and a helmet because of Patrick Willis.
  • Patrick Willis missing a tackle actually coincides with Halley's Comet; it happens every 75 years. Thus, it will happen approximately 3 more times in Willis' career.