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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Prince Amukamara vs. Cameron Jordan

SB Nation released their latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft and once again they have the San Francisco 49ers selecting Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara. Their top six before the 49ers includes all the usual suspects: Nick Fairley, Robert Quinn, Patrick Peterson, A.J. Green, Von Miller, and Da'Quan Bowers. The Combine could affect these top six, but barring poor performances and/or failed drug tests, this top six seems to be settling in to place.

What's more interesting is looking at the players dropping past the 49ers and consider whether they might be a better option than Prince.

8. Marcell Dareus, DT
9. Cameron Jordan, DE
10. Julio Jones, WR
11. Aldon Smith, DE
12. Blaine Gabbert, QB
13. Ryan Kerrigan, DE
14. Stephen Paea, DT
15. Mark Ingram, RB

The one guy that has jumped to the top of my list of interest is Cal defensive end Cameron Jordan. He's a monster of a man who could really fill out the 49ers defensive line alongside Aubrayo Franklin and Justin Smith. The defensive line is not the number on priority for the 49ers, but if you had two beasts surrounding Aubrayo Franklin, that could have a huge trickle down effect on the pass rush and the pass coverage. 3-4 defensive ends aren't generally huge pass rushers, but Justin Smith has proven a 3-4 defensive end can be incredibly effective pressuring the quarterback.

If the top six of the NFL Draft played out like SB Nation projects in its latest mock draft, who would be your pick?