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Miami Sticking With Tony Sparano, Jim Harbaugh Sticking With The Bay Area?

Well folks, it looks like we've got one book on the Jim Harbaugh saga closed - the Miami Dolphins are reportedly moving on and sticking with Tony Sparano. This is according to reports from Jay Glazer and Chris Mortensen, they are as follows:

@Jay_Glazer: After meeting w Jim Harbaugh, Dolphins have decided to forgo that route and retain Tony Sparano. More to come


@mortreport: LATEST ESPN UPDATE: After meeting w Harbaugh, source says Dolphins have decided that Tony Sparano is the best man for job. Will be retained.

So officially, the Dolphins are out of this on their own accord and they were not outright rejected by Jim Harbaugh. I get the feeling that Harbaugh was not impressed with Miami and was more concerned about the situation than the dollar signs involved. The unlimited pocket of Steve Ross appears to have not been enough.

Leading up to this, it was speculated that the 49ers and Stanford remained the two biggest possibilities, and I'd say that sounds about right. Andrew Luck is staying in school and I imagine that's why Harbaugh is still wanting to stay there, but either way it looks like the Bay Area is where he'll be. Except for one little thing.

John Elway and the Denver Broncos have requested a meeting with Harbaugh, but no word yet on whether or not he'll entertain their request. THIS, my friends, is the thread. Maybe. Site decorum is on, swearing is not allowed ... NO GIFS PLEASE NO GIFS PLEASE NO GIFS PLEASE