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Jim Harbaugh Signs 49ers Contract; It's Official!

Jason LaCanfora just tweeted that Jim Harbaugh just signed his contract and the deal is officially official!!!!!!  My Twitter is blowing up and I think I got about 100 new followers.  Thanks to everyone's images and funny comments in the last thread (that I stole and used on Twitter and probably got mad followage from).

But hey, you all love me because we all love everyone because WE WON THE HARBAUGH SWEEPSTAKES!

I'm going to try and embed CSN Bay Area's feed in this thread because I won't be around for the press conference or else I might need a good divorce lawyer.  Lord knows I've spent enough time on this Harbaugh thing that my wife was relieved when I told her we finally got him.

At any rate, consider this the overflow of the first "Harbaugh is a 49er" thread, since we eclipsed 700 comments in under an hour there.

CSN Bay Area's Live Feed of Harbaugh/49ers Presser (3:30PM PST)