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Jim Harbaugh Hired By 49ers: Live Press Conference

Fooch's Note: Site decorum is off for what should be a celebratory thread. Please keep it civil however.

After three days of agony and really close to two weeks of buildup following Mike Singletary's firing, we finally have resolution. FORMER Stanford football head coach Jim Harbaugh has been named the 49ers new head coach and will be introduced in a 3:30pm pacific press conference. After the jump I've embedded the CSN Bay Area Live stream so you all can watch the press conference. I'd imagine will have the video as well. The 49ers normally release transcripts following press conferences so I'll get that along to everybody as well when it hopefully comes out later tonight.

I've actually swung a few things and am going down to the Palace here in San Francisco to check out the press conference. I'm going to try and get a question or two in, but we'll see how it plays out in what should be a crazy atmosphere. At the very least I'll get some pictures of everything. There are a million questions to ask but I'm actually curious how he expects to manage the wild expectations of 49ers fans, many of whom view him as basically the second coming. I wouldn't expect much beyond some bland cliches, but I'm still curious. I'd hope we hear some questions about Bill Walsh's WCO footage in the 49ers vaults and his offensive plans, particularly in light of the fact that the 49ers have no quarterbacks under contract at this point. We'll have a lot more on that last issue probably tomorrow.

Even though the Jim Harbaugh watch is now over, it's actually just beginning. Now that the contract is signed, the real work begins. He will need to build a new staff, although I'd imagine we'll see some of his Cardinal assistants come down the road to Santa Clara. The point being, we'll have plenty of coverage in the coming days, weeks and months as the Jim Harbaugh era gets under way in San Francisco.

Head after the jump to watch the press conference live at 3:30pm pacific...

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference