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Jim Harbaugh Updates Joshua Morgan, Braylon Edwards Situations

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh conducted his weekly Monday press conference earlier today and had plenty to discuss following the team's huge victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A good chunk of the press conference was devoted to updating Joshua Morgan's injury situation.

The most interesting comment came when a reporter mentioned the ankle surgery. Harbaugh had confirmed he was having a procedure and acknowledged more than I expected with that. Then, a reported mentioned the ankle and Harbaugh was quick to correct the person, stating it was lower leg. Folks are now reporting that Morgan has a broken leg as opposed to fractured ankle.

It remains to be seen what exactly the injury is given that a lower leg injury could still mean an ankle injury. In reality, all that matters at this point is that Morgan hurt something in his lower leg and he will miss an extended period of time. Some are speculating it's the end of the season for him, others think he could be back in time for late season and maybe playoffs if the 49ers are in fact able to make the playoffs. Whatever the case, the 49ers need a receiver and Harbaugh did say they would be looking to add one to the 53-man roster.

Coach Harbaugh did seem to confirm that Braylon Edwards would hopefully be back after the bye. He was not asked if he could play this week, but rather simply said he hoped Edwards would be back after the bye. This would mean he would be unavailable this Sunday against the Lions. In the meantime, the team will look for some other wide receiver options via free agency and their own practice squad. I'd imagine they'll be looking for guys who can play special teams and block as needed.