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49ers vs. Lions, Odds: Detroit Opens As Six Point Favorite, Falls To Five

Shortly after the conclusion of Monday Night Football last night, lines began opening for the 49ers upcoming contest with the Detroit Lions and the the 49ers were installed as six point underdogs. It is a fairly high line for a 5-0 team versus a 4-1 team, but it is not really all that surprising given the fact that the 49ers still somehow seem to be modestly under the radar even after the 48-3 shellacking of the Bucs.

However, things quickly got interesting last night as within no more than an hour or two, the line dropped from 6 to 5 1/2 to 5 over at Scores And Odds. It seemed fairly quick for there to be changes, but could it be that people are pouring in money on the 49ers to cover that sizable line?

I generally stay away from betting on the 49ers week to week, but I find following the lines rather fascinating. In this case, it doesn't necessarily mean people think the 49ers can win this game. Rather, it could mean they simply view this as a game that could come down to the wire. The 49ers are turning into a team that will be competitive in every game, wining some blowouts and losing some tough ones. This could start to be reflected a little more frequently in the weekly spreads.