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T.J. Houshmandzadeh Coming In For Workout With 49ers

Fooch's Note: According to Barrows, Dominique Zeigler will NOT be brought in for a workout.

The 49ers have begun their search process for a wide receiver to replace Joshua Morgan as Matt Maiocco is reporting the team will bring in former Bengals, Ravens and Seahawks wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh for a workout today (Tuesday). Morgan will miss an extended period of time that may or may not end his season and the team is currently at three healthy wide receivers with Braylon Edwards expected back after the bye.

I'm not surprised the team is working out Houshmandzadeh in the sense that they have said they will look high and low for the best options to improve the roster in any instance. However, I would be a little surprised if the team signed a receiver like Houshmandzadeh because my thought on this is that the team is looking for a guy who can play some special teams.

My thought process could be entirely wrong however if they are not psyched about Ted Ginn and/or Kyle Williams moving up on the depth chart. If they bring in a guy like Houshmandzadeh, it would strike me as more of an indictment of one of those two. Well, that is unless Housh is ready to be a special teams demon. In that case, go to town.

The team will likely work out some other receivers unless they strike a chord with Housh right off the bat. They have two receivers on the practice squad (Joe Hastings and John Matthews) who will get a chance as well. I will say that one upside to adding Houshmandzadeh? My plans to re-play this commercial over and over: