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NFL Trade Deadline 2011: Brandon Lloyd Is On The Block

The NFL trade deadline is next Tuesday October 18 and while NFL deadline deals are a bit of a rarity, a team looking for some help early in the season has an opportunity to make something happen. I don't even remember the last time the 49ers made a deadline deal, but some intriguing talent is out there and potentially on the mark.

I bring this up now because the Denver Broncos have put former 49ers wide receiver Brandon Lloyd on the trade block as they move further into a rebuilding process. The 49ers originally traded Lloyd to the Washington Redskins for a third and a fourth round pick.

I'm not saying the 49ers are going to make a move for Lloyd, but it is still interesting given the 49ers sometimes wide receiver issues. They will be getting Braylon Edwards back after the bye, so I suppose Lloyd is not exactly a logical candidate for a trade. Additionally, Matt Barrows inferred implied there were some significantly burned bridges when Lloyd was dealt. Here's a link from a Q&A before last year's Broncos game as well.

The 49ers have turned over their coaching staff and front office a fair amount since they dealt Lloyd so I don't know how much burned bridges would matter. Well, unless the Yorks held a particular grudge. Again, I'm not saying this is a deal that really even makes sense in the 49ers current offensive structure. But given the upcoming trade deadline and the fact that there are usually no known options available, I thought I'd at least broach the topic.