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Caption This: Pour One Out

It's a fine line bringing Al Davis to the Caption This as a show of respect. There's no getting around the fact that the man, particularly later in life, was the subject of some tremendously frightening photographs. And yet if we are able to approach his late-era persona with humor, it is only because we are able to celebrate the legacy that got him that far. So in that spirit, Caption This will bid the cross-town/state mogul adieu by dipping into that legacy instead of taking the easier shots that would fly in just about any other week.

Now, don't get me wrong: We still get to make fun. That's the whole point. It's how we recognize notoriety here. And in that spirit, I have selected a photo that shows Al Davis looking less like the Cryptkeeper and more like Dick Dastardly (after a shave, with his hat at the cleaner's). Or for those of us who weren't as into Wacky Races as I was as a kid, let's just call him your standard, run-of-the-mill Bond villain there.

So, once more with feeling: Give him Hell, kids. Remember: Somewhere right now he's constantly reliving the thrill of three Super Bowl victories. He's too busy with that to care about a few zingers from way down here.

Give us your funniest captions for this one, and rec' any that make you laugh. Last week, redgolddynasty squeaked by Island Niner for the rec' win. Will it be you this time?