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Lebron James Mentions 49ers In Tweet

So umm....yea:

Cowboys, Dolphins, Browns, Lions, 49ers........27 more teams. Who?
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I know in reality this doesn't mean much of anything, but do you really think I can't post this tweet? Lebron James is not going to be playing for the San Francisco 49ers anytime soon. Let's just agree to that right now. But it is still an interesting tweet. He has actually been tweeting back and forth with Pete Carroll, so it remains rather humorous.

If we were being serious, I would argue Lebron James seems most suited for a tight end role. Lebron is approximately 6-8, 250 pounds. There is no doubt that is a tight end type of body. The 49ers are in the midst of revolutionizing the tight end role with the Jim Harbaugh offense. Could Lebron be the next great tight end in the NFL?

In reality that's a big fat no, but considering how the NBA Lockout is playing out, why not? Justin Peele is working out as a solid enough third tight end, but imagine if you paired Lebron with Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker? Once again, it is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. But 49ers fans can at least ponder the situation. It is mildly amusing to at least consider.