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Golden Nuggets: Now If Only Those New Transformers Movies Didn't Suck ...

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Morning, folks. Glad to have the Nuggets back on track and officially, once again, working on my consecutive publish streak. I do hope the 49ers get to four straight at the same time I do, too, considering Sunday would be four for me, and if they beat the Detroit Lions, then that'd just be wonderful, no? I guess it's probably a long shot, the Lions are a good team and I'd say our 49ers are still somewhat of an unknown commodity. That being said, I remain confident that the team will go in and pull out a win just before the bye week. That would put us in a fantastic position going forward. Let's get to the links for the day.

49ers looking for ways to stop Lions WR Calvin Johnson (

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49ers careful not to rile Lions' Calvin Johnson (

Culliver adjusted in a hurry (

49ers' offensive line faces huge test with Lions (

What a win against the Lions will do for 49ers (

My hometown: Edwards enjoying the magic in Motown (

For the Love of Boobie Dixon (

49ers-Lions Injury Reports: Sopoaga still limited (

The league's best blocking receivers? (

Calvin and hops: 49ers hope to bring Lions WR back to earth (

Ex-49ers coaching finalist has Lions unbeaten (

Talking About Practice (

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