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Jim Harbaugh Approval Rating: Getting An Early Idea

The past couple years we had an approval rating post for head coach Mike Singletary. Through good and bad the approval level went up and down like a roller coaster. We have not yet had such a poll for Jim Harbaugh in part because he was just starting out and most people generally approved of the hiring.

Five weeks into the season, Harbaugh has the 49ers at 4-1 and heading into a big matchup with the Detroit Lions. I wanted to get the approval rating to give us an idea of where we are at during the good times. I don't think the season is on the verge of falling apart (knock on wood), but if the 49ers do start to lose some games here and there, I'd like to know where the approval rating peaked, if it has in fact peaked yet.

As we started to do last year, we are going with a 1-10 scale since that gives us a bit better idea of how people feel about Harbaugh. My guess is virtually everybody would say yes in a "Do you approve of the job Harbaugh has done" type of poll. However, seeing how many people give him a 10 versus a 9 or 8 is a little more valuable.

Please feel free to include a comment as to why you voted the way you did.