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Week 6 NFL Picks: Derek vs. Dylan

We are doing something a bit different this week with the picks. Dylan DeSimone will be joining me and providing his own picks and analysis for each game. I guess you could say it's the week on the D's. Derek, Dylan and a big game in Detroit for our 49ers. I can't think of a better reason to link this gem of a music video. The video does have coarse language so it's NSFW, but since it's Saturday hopefully that means you aren't at work to begin with.

Last week I put up a decent record of 9-4. Shout outs to the Texans and Giants for screwing up my picks. You guys suck. To be honest though, I couldn't help rooting for the Raiders as I watched them play last weekend. Congrats to them for an inspired effort on the road against a tough opponent.

Record Last Week: 9-4
Overall Record: 53-23 (69.7%)

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons

Derek: The Panthers have been in pretty much every game they have played, and much of that has to do with the play of rookie quarterback Cam Newton. That being said, I just can't see them beating the Falcons at home. Matt Ryan hasn't been at his best this season, but I still won't bet against his record at home.

Winner: Falcons

Dylan: I'm going to start things off with my upset of the week by taking Carolina over Atlanta. 1st overall pick Cam Newton has been lighting up the scoreboard all season and only if that defense could hold up, they might've won more than one game so far. Atlanta should be minus Julio Jones -- I think Cam and his Panthers outscore Atlanta in a shootout Sunday.

Winner: Panthers

Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals

Derek: The Bengals are off to a surprising 3-2 start with rookie quarterback Andy Dalton at the helm. I bet against them last week against the Jaguars, and I won't make the same mistake twice. I'll just open myself up to make a different mistake instead. I've also picked against the Colts every single game this season with a 100% success rate. Let's keep that going.

Winner: Bengals

Dylan: I'm going to give Cincinnati some love here because they have been quietly collecting wins with one of the better defenses in the league right now. Indianapolis is a mess and might not win a game all year. I think A.J. Green runs a muck on the weak Indy secondary and the Bengals come out with a W.

Winner: Bengals

San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions

Derek: Frederick P. Soft has been spotted in Detroit. I repeat...Freddy Soft is in the D. The big question is, which sideline is he on? I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter run all over that Lions defense and the 49ers pull out a huge road victory. 

Winner: 49ers

Dylan: I apologize in advance for this one but I don't know if the 49ers take out the 5-0 Lions this week. Miles Austin and DeSean Jackson both shred San Francisco's secondary and this week, they've got arguably the best receiver in the game today with Calvin Johnson. This game will really show us where San Fran stands, so I'm looking forward to this match-up either way.

Winner: Lions
Editors Note: BOOOOOO

St. Louis Rams at Green Bay Packers

Derek: Poor Rams. Muahahahahaha. Aaron Rodgers gets to have a field day against a banged up Rams secondary that wasn't good to begin with.

Dylan: Aaron Rodgers.

Winner: Green Bay

Buffalo Bills at New York Giants

Derek: I'm torn on this pick. Yes, the Giants got embarrassed against Seattle last week. Yes, the Bills are looking to be the real deal. It could be because Victor Cruz is the future of my fantasy team, but I'm going to go with the Giants here. If you were hoping for some good reasoning why, you are not going to get it. It's my hunch pick. Plus it's more exciting if Dylan and I don't have the same picks.

Winner: Giants

Dylan: I'm going to stop doubting whether or not Buffalo is for real and the performance Eli Manning and the Giants put together last week makes this pick easier. Buffalo has heart and wants to win; Manning and the Giants don't. Not too mention Buffalo leads the league in interceptions, which means bad news for Manning.

Winner: Bills

Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers

Derek: I think Captain Checkdown is starting again, so this is the easiest pick for me so far. Seriously, why was Blaine Gabbert so highly rated coming into the draft? Call me a homer, but I'd take Colin Kaepernick over him all day. Andy Dalton too. Oh, and Jake Locker as well.

Winner: Steelers

Dylan: The Jaguars are on fire right now. They're hot. They're unstoppable...just kidding. But more seriously, they are really sad to watch. The team still has nothing going for them besides Maurice Jones-Drew and theres only so much he can do. I like Pittsburgh to pummel Jacksonville pretty bad to get their confidence up.

Winner: Steelers

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins

Derek: I keep saying it: There is no way the Eagles will lose again, but it keeps happening. At this point I'm the wife who has been beaten time and time again by her husband, only to let him come back home time and time again. Eagles, come on home baby. I forgive you.

Winner: Eagles

Dylan: Washington is 3-1 and Philadelphia is 1-4, but I'm going to throw that information away when I make this pick. I don't think the Eagles are going to win this game because Jason Avant called a meeting "Remember the Titans" style -- in fact, I think that's pretty weak. I think the Eagles are going to win because it's now or never. This is a division game in a division that is still wide open.

Winner: Eagles

Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens

Derek: The Texans really needed to win last week, because I can't see them beating the Ravens in Baltimore. John Harbaugh is a Harbaugh. 'Nuff said really. These guys are Gods among mere mortals. If the Texans had Andre Johnson healthy, I'd consider this to be a close game.

Winner: Ravens

Dylan: I'm picking the team I expect to be in the Super Bowl this year in the Baltimore Ravens. This team can do it all and I believe their time is now. Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are heading into their twilight years but still playing unbelievable football. Texans are without Andre Johnson which would likely be their only chance at victory.

Winner: Ravens

Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders

Derek: Competent coaching has reached the Bay Area. Hue Jackson has done a fantastic job so far this season. The Raiders have have a pretty tough schedule so far this season and have a pair of impressive wins against the Jets and Texans. I just can't see the Browns coming into a rejuvenated Oakland Colosseum and beating the Raiders, who have a fantastic running back in Darren McFadden and emerging wide receivers.

Winner: Raiders

Dylan: Darren McFadden is absolutely running wild this season on defenses -- good defenses too. I don't think he slows up against Cleveland's front seven and should be poised to break the century mark on the day. If Oakland controls the time of possession, it's theirs for the taking.

Winner: Raiders

Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots

Derek: At this point, I trust Alex Smith to throw the football more than Tony Romo. I never thought I'd say those words. The Patriots defense hasn't been great by any means, but their running game is much improved as of late and they still have the Tom Brady Wes Welker connection. Welker is putting up Keenan Allen numbers this season. Yes, I said Keenan Allen. Wide receiver for the Cal Bears. Look him up.

Winner: Patriots

Dylan: Dallas will be excited to get Dez Bryant and Miles Austin back against New England but that's not likely to be enough. New England has been scoring tons of points and Tom Brady has been having another spectacular year. I
like the Patriots to get it done at home to combat the Buffalo Bills for AFC East supremacy.

Winner: Patriots

New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Derek: West coast killers. Ha. Suck it Tampa. Thanks to a Dashon Goldson hit (that man is possessed this year), Lagarrette Blount is doubtful this weekend. Even if he wasn't, I'd have a tough time picking Tampa to beat the Saints. Josh Freeman just isn't the same this year, which shows what I know. I thought he'd be awesome this year.

Winner: Saints

Dylan: Tampa Bay just got their biggest loss ever by the 49ers last week in a 48-3 defeat. For all intents and purposes, the Bucs didn't even show up. New Orleans is still a powerhouse as the Brees-Payton relationship is one of the best in the league behind only Brady-Belichick. I don't think the Bucs get beat as bad as they did last week, but I do believe they come up short.

Winner: Saints

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears

Derek: I don't like Jay Cutler at all, but even I felt sorry for him last week against the Lions. I don't think I've ever seen a quarterback so skittish in the pocket before. I don't think he ever set his feet. That being said, he actually played pretty well. Will this be the week that we finally get to see Christian Ponder? I really want to find out if the Vikings picked him too high or not.

Winner: Bears

Dylan: Let's face it, the Detroit Lions beat the Bears because they could pass the ball and rush the passer. The Vikings can do neither. This isn't a game Adrian Peterson can win by himself because that Bears run defense is still pretty solid despite last weeks showing. The outside threat with Calvin Johnson just opened things up too much. I like Chicago to bounce back against a less than mediocre Minnesota team.

Winner: Bears

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

Derek: Who is the Dolphins quarterback now? Does it matter? Oh, and Brandon Marshall is silly.

WInner: Jets

Dylan: I don't really like either team to "win" this one, I just think one team is going to play worse than the other. The Miami Dolphins are on their "Suck-for-Luck" campaign and Rex Ryan is still delusional enough to believe Mark Sanchez is a Super Bowl winning quarterback. I think the Jets took a major step back this year and are considerably worse than previous seasons under Ryan. In a game that is sure to be riddled with errors, I think the Jets come out the victor...or the less-loser.

Winner: Jets