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If You Weren't Completely Sold On Joshua Morgan As A 49er...

49ers wide receiver Joshua Morgan will be a free agent after this season and although he won't be playing the rest of the way, Jim Harbaugh already indicated Morgan was in the team's plans for 2012 and beyond. I don't know what kind of deal we might see, but hopefully they are able to work something out.

It is hard to tell exactly what a player wants when it comes to free agency, but Morgan appears intent on returning to San Francisco in 2012. Morgan underwent surgery on his leg earlier this week and Friday he released a statement via email to CSN Bay Area. In the statement he basically said he was going to battle back from this injury and hoped to join the names of the great 49ers wide receivers.

"I love the game and love the Bay Area and the organization ... I will continue to keep climbing and try to join the names of the other great 49er WRs in the past and bring a Super Bowl or two or three back to the Bay.

That's my ambition, my addiction and my motivation! I've always been addicted to success and addicted to greatness. But, in ending, I wanna thank all the fans for all your support and well wishes!"

It will be interesting to see what kind of offers he gets in free agency. He'll be coming off a season-ending injury, but he was showing signs of breaking through this season. I would not be at all surprised to see somebody prepared to roll the dice with a bigger than expected offer. Given that he isn't dealing with a knee or foot injury, I don't think people will be quite as shy about their offers.

I am hopeful he returns because I think he is an ideal wide receiver for this kind of offense. I suspect he waits to see what is out there in free agency before deciding, but fingers crossed he re-signs.