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49ers vs. Lions: Watch Out For Those 4 Oz. Bottles Of Liquid!

The folks at CSN Bay Area put together a ton of different video about the 49ers and while we try and post some of it here, we miss a lot of it. If you are ever looking for some solid video content, head over to their 49ers Video page.

I bring this up now because they posted a great video yesterday titled "49ers on a travel day." The video takes a look at the process they take in getting ready for their flight including favorite things to pack and even getting a chance to see Jim Harbaugh get patted down by security. I believe the 49ers charter flights (as opposed to owning their own plane). They don't have to deal with security, which Anthony Dixon seems to pleased about. It also sounds like they get to bring bottled water and whatnot through security unlike us common folk. Such is life.

Head after the jump to check out some of the video. I feel like the shot of Harbaugh being wanded would make for a pretty amazing Caption This photo. Or maybe something about Patrick Willis pulling up a seat next to him preparing to be wanded. Bamm Bamm in all black must intimidate the security guy.

49ers on a travel day