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NFL Week 6 Non-49ers Gameday Thread

We'd really like to keep the discussion of all other games today outside of the 49ers vs. Lions gamethreads. This includes the postgame recap threads and the like ... so in an effort to do that, we'll have non-49er threads. You can open up a couple of tabs for this, or you can simply not talk about these other games, but please refrain from talking about them in length during the actual 49ers-Lions threads.

Anyway, we've got some good matchups today. Naming them is impossible for me because I'm 100% focused on the 49ers-Lions game and I won't be in this thread to even make sure you folks are talking about the right stuff. So talk about whatever you want, really. But actually don't, because we have mods, and they're tyrants, especially that British one ... McWagner is his name. That guy's a bad egg.

But for real: we've got Houston - Baltimore, and that's going to be awesome. We get to see how the Buccaneers are going to respond to the beatdown our 49ers gave them when they take on the Saints. The Raiders will look to keep things rolling, against the Browns, and then that one quarterback for the Cowboys will try not to throw too many interceptions to the New England Patriots.