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49ers 7, Lions 10 Second Quarter Gamethread

The 49ers defense got off to a great start, forcing the Lions off the field. Then the 49ers offense got off to ... well, a pretty terrible start. The first play was a fumble recovery by Kyle Vanden Bosch when Joe Staley let him by with no problem. The Lions started in the red zone, but the 49ers defense held them to a field goal, which is probably the best thing that could have happened outside of a turnover, so that's great.

Of course, false starts came. That's to be expected. Then nothing happened and the 49ers had to punt. If the play-by-play seems simplistic, it's because there's really nothing to say about what's going on. Also, I'm trying to figure out how to contact a living, breathing person at Facebook to settle a matter about a hacked account for my nephew. Didn't you all want to know that?

Of course you did. So the 49ers ended up punting because they couldn't get anything going, I looked away for about six seconds and the Lions punted. So that's cool. Then I grabbed a beer and the 49ers punted. At this point, they've reached five flags. Ouch. There was a terrible ... and I do mean terrible ... pass interference call on Carlos Rogers, and the referees are truly out of hand early on. 

Then the 49ers get screwed big time, when a pass goes to Brandon Pettigrew in the end zone. Watching the replays, most of the beat writers agree that it's not complete. The referee rules it incomplete, but another referee rules it touchdown so they can review it. Ten seconds later, they kick the extra point. In my opinion, not only was that the wrong call, it was not reviewed. 49ers get called for unsportsmanlike conduct when Jim Harbaugh tried to challenge. 

But the 49ers get things going on the next possession, Kendall Hunter and Michael Crabtree get going. Then it's Frank Gore with a 47-yard run to take them to the goal line. Then Dixon is stuffed, and we move on to the next quarter ... And Frank Gore punches it in from the one. 10-7 Lions. Go Niners.