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49ers 12, Lions 10 Second Half Gamethread: Go Niners!

Once again, the 49ers defense started strong and made the Lions look bad, forcing a 3-and-out, but the offense couldn't put much together, either, and had to punt. Good way to start the second quarter. I dislike Michael Crabtree after the catch in this game, he's not moving like we know he should be able to. So the 49ers come out, somehow it's third down and bam, Ahmad Brooks shoots off the line and gets a seven-yard sack. Before that, Donte Whitner was fired out of a cannon into Jahvid Best to stop the run.

So the 49ers come out there and get going. Crabtree gets a first-down reception, and then Alex Smith throws deep to him again, but Crabtree can't come up with it. It was underthrown just a bit, but Crabtree probably should have caught it. The 49ers have to punt it away, and then ... oh man. Oh man. The 49ers defense comes out, I'm on the phone with Barnes and Noble support now, and out of the corner of my eye - bam - a safety. Oh sweet deliciousness. Jim Schwartz looks about as dumb as Jim Harbaugh did earlier after it. 

49ers get the ball back, and there's another penalty, this one on Isaas Sopoaga for ripping off a Detroit player's helmet. Replay shows that Sopoaga didn't do it, so what's the deal? Still a call that happens because - well - a player's helmet got ripped off. Anyway, so the Lions got the ball back near the half and ... uh oh, they started driving. They get near the red zone, but they're called on a penalty for once, and they have to settle for a field goal.

And it misses. Lulz. Yeah - my analysis is "lulz."

49ers get the ball back, and, long story short, David Akers is a badass. The 55-yard field goal is good and the 49ers take a 12-10 lead into the third quarter.